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Alem Agà

“Alem Aga” farm has been trying hard to reach international agricultural standards in order to make its name great again and be a part of Albanian sofas, the same way as it once was when our grandfathers worked on our land. For many years our farm has been the reference point of the local population and the regular visitors of Tragjasi area in Vlora.

“Alem Aga” isn’t just a distant memory. Now it is back and has been bringing a light taste of nostalgia. We’ve put and will be putting a continuous work through dedication and motivation, in order to grow a variety of products throughout the year. Nowadays we are very happy that we have managed to please the visitors needs and expectations with our correctness, quality and organic products.

we are proud to present our

Top of the Class, 5 star Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Our pride, a very well made product of our own is olive oil which has been a part of our family’s legacy. The passion in producing such a product which needs long manual work but also caution makes it a special treat for our guests here in Alem Aga. Our Mediterranean climate is perfect to grow our olive trees, since having long days with abundant light and also some cold days in between makes the best olive oil. 

Olives are very sensitive fruits, which must not be harmed when harvesting otherwise their quality will be lowered because of the oxidation. The olives must be picked with love and caution in order to preserve them. That’s what our farmers do, they use their hands instead of vibrating machines. About our oil mill, we do use a cold cut in a continuous and closed system leading to the production of an extra virgin olive oil, rich in vitamin E, K, beneficial fatty acids and antioxidants some of which have powerful health benefits. We preserve the oil in glass containers keeping the aroma and all its benefits inside these transparent bottles.

Try the real organic food, or as our grandparents called it, FOOD.

The farm offers a variety of products during different seasons of the year. Some of the most liked and purchased are: watermelon, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, seasonings, coriander, basil, dill, salad. Whereas the most important ones are tomatoes, cucumbers, broccolis, spinach and most of all, the olives by which we make our extra-virgin oil with great taste and the highest quality in the market.

Taking care of our lands and products its definitely the most important feature of our farm. It is our tradition and our duty to grow organic vegetables, with no chemical or synthetical pesticides, but only using natural protective methods.