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Meet the magic behind Alem Agà history

The return of tradition and passion which accompanies the products cultivation are the identifying features of the Alem Aga farm. The farm started reconstructing in 2015 from its heirs, who thanks to their long experience in the food industry and herbal, animal based products across Europe, after many years came back in Tragjasi region in Vlora as the Alem Aga’s mansions. This farm has been trying hard to reach international agricultural standarts in order to make its name great again and be a part of Albanian sofas, not remaining a distant memory in the agricultural business tradition. 

Today as many years ago it keeps on being a focal point to the local people and also through regular visitors of this area. Alem Aga it s not just a distant memory, it has come back bringing a light taste of nostalgia and making sure of a continuous work through dedication and motivation, having cozy and relaxing conditions and a preferable geographical position to grow a variety of products throughout the year. Nowadays in the agricultural sector it has managed to please the visitors needs and expectations with its correctness, quality, tasty products making them want to visit the farm regularly.

Some of the elements giving a natural touch to the variety of products are: soil type, Izvoris water(rich in mineral values), the strategic geographical position considering its sun exposure, warm climate, being nearby the sea which brings beautiful breezes among other benefits. This all together make it easier to grow products of high nutritional values.

The farm offers a variety of products during different seasons of the year. Some of the most liked and purchased are: watermelon, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, seasonings, coriander, basil, dill, salad, olives. Whereas the most important ones are tomatoes, cucumbers, broccolis, spinach and also olives used to make its own oil with great taste and high quality in the market.

Taking care of our lands and products its definitely the most important feature of the farm. It’s a must for us to grow vegetables organically, meaning no chemical, synthetical pesticides but only using natural protective methods.

great nature and organic products

What are you going to find at our farm?


It is present among our products in certain seasons. Some of its nutritional values without it being riped or processed are: natural fibres, vitamins C, B1, B2, B5, magnesium, zinc, silic, manganium. Its natural growing time requires warm temperatures making it one of the most hidrating, useful products during summer. Vlora s warm and suitable climate offers ideal conditions, including sun exposure, making it a very popular used vegetable especially in salads or other traditional local dishes.


Originally from Peru, cultivated in Mexico by the Maya tribe later from the aztecs but for europians it came later on to be used after the discovery of America and the start of intercontinental tradings. It is a great source of vitamins, stimulates the digestive system and has dezintoxicating values because of the amount of sulfate in it. We keep on working with our natural ways of cultivation, being attentive with the watering and preparing supportive stakes to let them hod itself upright.


Broccoli farming it’s a special part of our servings because not all farms are aware about how to grow broccoli and its marketing knowledges. It contains vitamin A, anticancerous compounds and antioxidants containing high levels of vitamin C also. Broccoli crop requires mild weather and a small amount of water with an ideal temperature of 25 to 26 degrees. The most suitable seasons for us to serve it are spring and also summer.

olive oil

These are some of the products you can find at Alem Aga during different seasons but there is also a whole list which didn’t make it through here but contains a colorful variety of choices and natural taste. In conclusion a very well made product of our own is olive oil which is part of our familys legacy. It is our passion in producing such a product which needs long manual work but also it makes a special treat for our guests here in Alem Aga.