we are proud to present

Alem Agà
extra-virgin olive oil

Our Mediterranean climate gives optimal growing conditions to our olive trees, most important, long days with abundant light and also some cold days in between.

Olive is a very sensitive fruit, which must not be harmed when harvesting otherwise it will lower the quality because of the oxidation. The olives must be picked with love and caution to preserve them as they need to and that’s what our farmers do, use their hands instead of vibrating machines.

About our oil mill, we do use a cold cut in a continuous and closed system leading to the production of an extra virgin olive oil, rich in vitamin E, K, beneficial fatty acids and antioxidants some of which have powerful health benefits. We preserve the oil in glass containers keeping the aroma and all its benefits inside these transparent bottles. Our product is noticed by its characteristic smell and taste because we make sure to use natural and standardized methods.

Alem Aga farm products have now started to spread its use not only in Vlora but also among other cities mainly in the south and also has begun exporting in some europian countries too.

Our main goal is to be appreciated and also loved from our visitors because gratitude and appreciation is what keeps us going and a satisfying reward to a job done with passion and dedication.

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